Master Thesis

2016 Master Thesis

Field Thesis Title Student Professor(s)
Industrial Design Design Through Prototyping - Design
Projects Based on Plywood
Shen,Yu-Hao Lin, Ming-Huang
Material Exploration and Design
Application with Silicone Sheet
Chiou, Nai-Yao Lin, Ming-Huang
Weaving Appliances -The Application
of Weaving techniques and patterns
on Appliances Products
Jiang, Wan-Jhen Ming-Huang Lin
The application of different
materials and Maker tools on bamboo
and rattan decoration product desig
Wu,Tzu-Hsien Ming-Huang Lin
Visual Communication Design The Artist's Statement of
"Chinese Motion
Ho, Ting-An Hsieh Chi-Min
“The Power of color” Conceptual
Creation based on Enterprise Visual
Identification System
Tsai,Ya-Jing Chen,Yi-Ping
Put the Cart Before the Horse No.2 Kuo, Yu-Shen Wen-Shu Lai
From Body, Dance to Creation Cao,Xin-Ming Lai, Wen-Shu
Hsieh, Chimin
Roll Calling Time––The vague
zone of mine
Wu, Jui-Che Lai, Wen-Shu
Out of the Cave Lin, Yu-Han Chen, I-Ping

2015 Master Thesis

Field Thesis Title Student Professor(s)
Industrial Design The Application of Thin-shell
Cement on Product Design
Wu, Jia-Jun Ming-Huang Lin
Service Design For The Membership
System – A Case Study of the
Christian Church
Lin, Szu-Ting Lin, Ming-Huang
The Image-based Social Networking
Platform Design Research in Travel
Lai, Yen-Ju Chuang, Ming-Chuen
-- Ming-Huang Lin
Leisure Sport Style and Flat Design
Style on Application User Interface
Design - A Case Study of Gol
Tzeng, Hung-Yu Lin, Ming-Huang
Light Design Interpreted under the
Machine Aesthetic
Wu, Pei-Ying Lin, Ming-Huang
Product Design in Tea Space by
Karesansui Images
Huang, Kai-Chun Chuang, Ming-Chen
The research about color of
classification patterns in mobile
Chen,Ching-Hsuan Chuang,Ming-Chen
Design of Furniture with Freedom Hsieh, Chung-Lin Ming-Chuen Chuang
Visual Communication Design Anna and Chestnut : Into the
Shiao-Jung, Peng Wen-Shu Lai
I-Ping Chen
From Cosplay, Re-creation to Self
Wang, Wei-Ting Lai, Wen-Shu
Galaxy of Memories Guan-Ting Lu Wen-Shu Lai
Hsieh Chi-Min
Entrance/Exit: When I Walked Into a
Magic Green World
Su, Yun Lai, Wen-Shu
Gods Evolve Wang, Po-Yuan Lai, Wen-Hsu
The Artist Statement of the
Hand-drawn Animation
Lin, Yi-Hsiu Hsieh, Chi-Min
Loosing Pages: Investigation of the
Picture Book Creation
Din, An-Ting Lai, Wen-Shu
-- Chun-Cheng Hsu
Come in Chen, Wei-Han Lai, Wen-Shu
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