Industrial Design Major

This major emphasizes nurturing knowledge for advanced practice in design, design strategies, research and introduction to design, and CAID. It includes product development, Human Factors Engineering, human computer interface, interactive design, color theory, Kansei engineering, design theory & method, study of form and style, design culture, CAID, and more. Graduates will have the opportunity to become an ID designer or a Company Creative Director. Such graduates would also be able to pursue education in design as candidates for a doctor’s degree participating in advanced research.

Study areas in the Industrial Design Major include:
(1) Ergonomics, (2) Kansei engineering, (3) Chromatics.

Visual Communication Design Major

This major emphasizes the theory and practice of design through the concepts of technology art. Application of research and theory are crucial to human based learning. Discussing the human use of computer technology, visual theory, formative psychology, aesthetics theory and academic research are also stressed.

Study areas in the Visual Communication Design Major include:
(1) Digital multimedia design, (2) Technology art, (3) Game aesthetics, (4) Art psychology, (5) Visual perception.

Communication Art and Technology Major

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