Human-Computer Interaction Design & Research 演講公告

「互動媒體實驗室」將於6/13(五)舉辦Human-Computer Interaction Design & Research 演講

主題: How to study interactive user experience happened in the past?
講者: Chung-Ching Huang 黃 仲菁
時間: 11:00 ~ 12:20, June 13 (Friday), 2014
地點: 國立交通大學 人文社會二館 傳播研究所 204 演講廳

Chung Ching Huang , MFA, PhD Candidate
HCI Dept., Indiana University – Bloomington, US
With the prior experience in design practice, pedagogy and research, the invited speaker, Chung-Ching Huang, explores how practitioners think and do in business setting. He also concerns how HCI and interaction design researchers can provide design tools, research procedures and new perspectives to design practice. His recent research projects aim at developing design methodologies, such as using visual tools and procedures, toward analyzing critically use experience and change in interactive systems over time.