#RTS: ReTranSens – 14th Digital Art Festival Taipei

【#RTS: ReTranSens – 14th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2019】

Co-Organized by NCTU Institute of Applied Arts

PLACE: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (No.39 Chang-An West Road Taipei 103, Taiwan)

OPENING HOURS: From Oct. 25th to Nov. 10th, 2019. Every TUE to SUN 10:00 ~ 18:00; closed on MON

Admission is free. For Guide Tour Service, more than 10 people please check the website and make your reservation online one week in advance.


About Digital Art Festival Taipei

Digital Art Festival Taipei was inaugurated by Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government since 2006 and designed to bring diversified digital art experiences to Taipei citizens. In 2019, the 14th Taipei Digital Arts Festival will curate and execute by Digital Art Center, Taipei, Li-Chen Loh to serve as a curator, Hsiang Wen Chen as co-curator.

The theme of this year #RTS: ReTranSens is going to discuss how artificial life regenerated and extended human perception, and how it transforms our sensation in society and technology.



On view in this exhibition is the art series, entitled Bio I/O, inspired by the exploration of senses and biometrics. The series comprises three works respectively titled Feeling the Flow, Sonar Vision and Pheromones in Sync.

These creations utilize interactive media technology and 3D printing of wearable devices. The theme of creation is not technology, but the significance of speculative augmentation for the future of mankind.



Chun-Cheng Hsu, Jian-You Li, Ke Wang, Yun Jhuang, Hao-Ping Chien, Ming-Cheng Wu, Yi-Hsuan Li, Chia-Ching Lee, Kai-Wen Su, Lin Liu